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Monday, March 19, 2007
John Mixsell endorses golf playing aids.
(Cedar Falls, IA) - Egli & Associates, Inc., dba UPRIGHT Golf, the global leader in senior and adaptive golf playing aids announces their endorsement agreement with the very popular senior amateur golfer John Mixsell. Mixsell can be found playing any number of courses in NE Iowa and western Wisconsin during the summer months and he's become quick to remind his fellow golfers that his 'hip joints and knees have become worse than his golf game' during the past 5 years. Fortunately, the 66-year-old Mixsell he uses the UPRIGHT Golf Stick, UPRIGHT Claw, and a MagnaFlex Marker Mag to eliminate all of golf's repetitive bending and stooping.

"These days, I not only want to play golf but as importantly I want to play pain free golf. It's crazy for a person with my knees and hips to play 18 holes of golf and have to bend or stoop down 100+ times. Why would a senior golfer inflict so much pain and discomfort on themselves when it's no longer necessary," says Mixsell.

UPRIGHT Golf is widely recognized as the industry leader in innovative easy-to-use senior and adaptive golf playing aids. "All of our playing aids are designed to make the game easier and more enjoyable for the recreational golfer. Our playing aids are an absolute 'Godsend' for any golfer that has a difficult time with all of golf's repetitive bending," states Jim Egli, founder of UPRIGHT Golf and president of its parent company, Egli & Associates, Inc.

According to the National Golf Foundation's most recent annual report there are approximately 7.3 million U.S. golfers age 50 or older. The NGF also projects the number of 'senior' golfers to increase to over 12.1 million over the next two decades. "Our playing aids are primarily marketed to senior golfers like John Mixsell. UPRIGHT Golf has developed the most comprehensive line of playing aids in the world and we're excited about our opportunity to help keep senior golfers like Mr. Mixsell in the game longer. We're very different than most of today's golf equipment manufacturers. UPRIGHT Golf isn't interested in helping golfers hit the ball further or fewer times. In fact, UPRIGHT Golf is all about helping golfers hit the ball longer and more often - like until they're age 90 and still playing every day!" quipped Egli.

For more information about UPRIGHT Golf's growing line of easy-to-use playing aids visit their web site at For additional information about the world's most "deBENDable golf" company contact Jim Egli at or (319) 268-0939.

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