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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Now Twice As Super
America's Most-Awarded Golf Shop Doubles Its Size To 15,000+ Square Feet
When Golf World Business (a division of Golf Digest), the world's foremost authority on golf, named the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop the #1 Public Golf Shop in the United States in 2006, what did Haggin Oaks do for an encore? They've nearly doubled the size of the Super Shop!

On March 16th, the Haggin Oaks Golf Super "Super" Shop reopened and is already the talk of the golf industry. It's twice as Super as it was before!

As the golfer enters this oasis of golf merchandise, the changes are immediately evident. Highlights include the largest on-course Nike clothing concept shop in the world; a huge Adidas concept apparel store-in-store, an astonishing 1000 square foot putting green with two realistic full-size trees in the middle surrounded by over 700 putters; a new golf bag department with nearly 1000 golf bags, and a golf book library bursting with every great book about golf. Invention meets nostalgia in the remarkable transformation of a 1929 Ford Model T truck into a most ingenious Callaway golf ball display. It's a definite "must see!"

At press time, Haggin Oaks was also putting the finishing touches on their brand new state-of-the-art Performance Clubfitting Center. Located right on the Haggin Oaks 100-stall driving range, this indoor fitting studio will have large doors that open up onto the range allowing the golfer to hit from inside the studio out onto the range. The PCC will have the world's most-expensive and detailed launch monitor with their Trackman. Trackman works on Doppler radar and can measure the spin and angle of the ball from impact all the way to the point that the ball hits the ground. They will also have a Vector Pro Launch Monitor, an A-Star Video system, shaft frequency analyzer machines, Mitchell loft & lie machines as well as the most complete putter fitting system ever made that will be next to their indoor putting green inside the PCC. This fitting center will be one of the most advanced collections of golf technology in the world and it is available for appointment by calling 916-481-GOLF.

Managed by Morton Golf, the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento (at the Capital City Freeway). For more information, call (916) 481-GOLF.
Ken Morton, Jr.
Morton Golf, LLC
Haggin Oaks - Bartley Cavanaugh - Bing Maloney
business phone- 916-575-2526
cell phone- 916-871-2676
fax- 916-575-2514

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