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Wednesday, August 8, 2007
GolfTEC Offers Most Comprehensive Training Program In Golf Today
Golf Improvement Company Ensures Best Teaching Quality Available to Golfers
DENVER - Teaching professionals across the country have varying skill sets and abilities when it comes to golf instruction. With over 100 locations across the country, and fifty more scheduled to open in 2008, GolfTEC is continually looking for the best teaching pros around to develop their methods and skills, as well as learn the technology.

"At the rate we are growing, it is really important that we make sure our certified personal coaches are receiving the best training available, to ensure that we have the highest teaching quality available," says Steve Atherton, VP of Instruction for GolfTEC Enterprises. "We created GolfTEC University (GTU) so that each coach could undergo a comprehensive training program to learn everything we have to offer."

GolfTEC offers high-tech golf instruction using digital video, biofeedback sensors and motion analysis to help clients build a game they can trust. In order for coaches to provide GolfTEC clients with the full experience GolfTEC has to offer, it is important that they fully understand how to operate the technology and how to instruct at the highest level possible. In addition to full-swing lessons, GolfTEC now also offers putting lessons, which is another piece to cover in GTU.

"With all that we have to offer clients, it is imperative that our coaches know how to provide each individual with the full range of our expertise and technology," says Atherton. "I also think it's important for the coaches to come to Denver and see what we do at the corporate offices to run the company each day. It gives them a sense of how passionate we are about golf and about teaching. I think that really carries over into each of our locations after they complete the training."

Each new coach spends ten days in Denver going through GTU. GolfTEC currently employs four PGA Teaching Pros, including two Master Professionals, in the teaching quality department, who instruct new GolfTEC employees from around the country. Right now, with new GolfTEC locations opening around the country at a rate of fifty new stores per year, there are approximately four GTU sessions being held each month. With growth at this rate, GolfTEC will be looking for more new instructors at a rapid pace. GolfTEC expects to employ 350 PGA pros by the end of 2007, which is 1% of all PGA Pros in the U.S.

"Our GTU sessions really focus solely on the quality of our instruction," says Andy Hilts, National Director of Instruction for GolfTEC. "While learning our technology is very important to our success, we realize also how important it is that our coaches teach top-notch lessons to our clients. We also support what coaches learn in GTU with continuing education using live webinars that we conduct here at headquarters."

Founded in 1995, Denver-based GolfTEC is a national chain of golf instruction facilities that provides expert teaching for golfers of all skill levels. GolfTEC centers use patented technology to teach the proper golf swing. There are currently 103 GolfTEC locations in 27 states across the U.S., with 49 franchise territories and 159 total committed locations. GolfTEC has already taught over 1,000,000 lessons to clients across the country. For more information, visit

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