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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Swing With A Tempo Like The Pros And Make Solid Contact Every Time-golf Tips Gives The Key To Solid Iron Play
When you watch a PGA Tour event on television, what aspect of the professional game do you notice the most? If you were honest, you'd probably say it was the sound their iron shots make. That "whoosh" is the sound of a solidly struck iron shot that's hit with a descending blow and compressed between the clubface and the ground. The April issue of Golf Tips Magazine reveals the simple technique that will teach you to swing with a tempo like the professionals and make solid contact every time.

Beginning on page 42, PGA professional Chuck Winstead gives his lesson for how to get solid contact every time. This 10-page tutorial is easy to follow and sure help golfers with one of their main concerns-better iron play. GT's loyal and consistent readership is due to the fact that the staff continues to deliver high-quality instruction that addresses every golfer's needs, and they work with only the best professionals in the game of golf.

"Better iron play begins with proper fundamentals," said Senior Editor Ryan Noll. "Proper fundamentals include grip, setup and balance. And once the fundamentals become ingrained, then the real fun begins. Golfers can learn how to shape shots, hit it high, low with sidespin and sometimes with added backspin. Iron play is second only to wedge play when it comes to creativity, but in our book, it's the most important factor toward shooting lower scores. Even with your best driving game, you're still going to miss a fairway or two. So, it's up to your iron game to pick up the slack. This is why we've dedicated an entire issue of GT to making our readers more proficient with their iron game."

In addition, the issue contains more than 10 pages of the latest and greatest 2008 iron designs sure to aid every golfer in finding the right model for their game and budget. All this and more in the April issue of Golf Tips Magazine-pick up your copy today.

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