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Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Bettinardi Golf Introduces Its 2011 Studio Stock Series Putters
Tinley Park, IL - Bettinardi Golf - Bettinardi Golf is pleased to present the 2011 Studio Stock Series putters as part of our 2011 product offering. The Studio Stock Series putters are precision milled from a selected blend of metals - a "proprietary" fusion of soft Carbon Steel in the company of special ingredients - a distinct and characteristic formula. This particular blend ensures a unique, quality feel upon contact.

Each Studio Stock Series putter displays a Borealis Black proprietary finish. It is absolutely gorgeous upon presentation and displays beautiful exotic colors and a luminous luster. This innovative, proprietary finish is a state-of-the-art process that molecularly bonds the end finish to the putter creating the most durable finish available in the market today. This process ensures each Studio Stock Series precision milled putter will not corrode, discolor or tarnish. The combination of our proprietary metals allows us to create beautifully colored finishes that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, yet extremely durable.

Beautiful paint filled graphics compliment this dramatic Borealis Black finish. Each Studio Stock Series putter features our patented TOUR F.I.T. Face. The precise, detailed milling process delivers an incredibly soft, yet consistent feel on contact. Three putters in the series have a milled single sight line, 345g (35") head weight, red Bettinardi/WINN grip - standard or mid-size, and a patented Bettinardi headcover.

SS5 - A CLASSIC, HEEL-TOE WEIGHTED DESIGN: The SS5 is a modern spin on a classic design. The head has a slight round look at address and incorporates a longer plumber style neck. This neck design allows for less toe hang, which is preferred by the more "straight back" players. The SS5 features Bettinardi's patented Tour F.I.T. Face, which gives a soft, yet solid feel at impact. Dexterity: Right-hand.

SS6 - A CLASSIC BLADE DESIGN: The SS6 is our interpretation of one of the most recognized putter styles of all time. Although the SS6 design is storied in history, Bettinardi has used cutting edge manufacturing techniques to achieve our version. The addition of our patented Tour F.I.T. Face aids in the playability of the design and adds to the overall beauty. Dexterity: Right-hand.

SS7 - A MODERN MALLET DESIGN: The SS7 is a face-balanced, double-bend shafted mallet that achieves maximum perimeter weighting while preserving a classic look; an exhibit of form and function. The look at address inspires confidence and its performance on the greens will captivate. The patented Tour F.I.T. Face finishes this stunning design. Dexterity: Right-hand.

SS8 - A MODERN, HEEL-TOE WEIGHTED DESIGN: The SS8 is a modern design that has a sharper head shape with a raised toe. The appearance at address is compact and the squared look commands confidence. Features include a standard plumber's neck and Bettinardi's patented Tour F.I.T. Face milling pattern. Dexterity: Right-hand and Left-hand.

Bettinardi Golf products are available at local Green Grass, Select Club Fitter or Teaching Academy locations. Our Green Grass accounts work closely with PGA Professionals to ensure their members receive the best quality fit for their particular style of putting. Minor adjustments to the product are available to these members through their clubs and Bettinardi Golf.

The Select Club Fitter and Teaching Academy accounts have numerous advantages and custom purchasing options available to them based on their expertise and knowledge in the field. Putters may be purchased in varied head weights, with a standard lie of 71° and a loft of 3°. All Bettinardi putters come with a proprietary shaft. The BB Series have a Bettinardi/WINN grip with additional grips options available. Fitting locations have availability to an uncut-ungripped version. This enables the Custom Club Fitter to truly customize a Bettinardi Putter to the exact required specifications of the end user. The advantage of a solid, precision milled head allows the club fitter to adjust the lie and loft to suit the individual player. The varied head weights can be adjusted 5° flat or 5° upright from our standard lie of 71°. The loft can be adjusted from 3° strong or 3° weak from our standard loft of 3°.

Bettinardi Golf will showcase our Studio Stock Series and additional 2011Product line offerings during The Outdoor Demo Day, scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011, at Orange County National Golf Center & Lodge in Orlando. Please join us out on the greens or visit us in Booth 819, January 27th-29th, 2011, to test and view the extraordinary Bettinardi 2011 Product line.

Experience Functional Art. Experience Bettinardi.

About Bettinardi Golf:
Our Designer: Robert J. Bettinardi is educated as an Industrial Engineer and has built a reputation as a C.E.O that Demands the highest standards. Robert has over 20 years experience dealing in the golf industry and has worked with the most elite. His tireless passion to design and manufacture the finest equipment in the world has elevated his brand to the highest level.
Our Company: Bettinardi Golf is a state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility located in the suburbs of Chicago. Our company uses the highest tolerance CNC-machining centers available to create the finest products in the world. Bettinardi Golf has over 50 highly skilled employees and is proud to say that every putter with the Bettinardi name is crafted 100% in the USA.
Our History: Bettinardi Golf has over 20 years experience collaborating with nearly every golf company in the marketplace. Throughout that time, we have proven quality is the single most important element in the golf club manufacturing process. Bettinardi has amassed over 70 professional victories and numerous industry awards.
Our Mission: To design and manufacture the finest putters in the world and support the Bettinardi product with superior customer service.

About the PGA Merchandise Show:
Since its inception in 1954, the PGA Merchandise Show has become the world's most influential golf trade show and the global summit for the business of golf. In January 2011, the PGA Merchandise Show will once again welcome more than 40,000 industry professionals from some 75 countries to uncover the latest trends, source the newest golf merchandise, test the latest equipment, enhance careers, learn proven business best practices, network among peers and grow the business of the game.
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