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Monday, April 9, 2012
PuttingZone Player Megan McChrystal Wins Her First Pro Event
The PuttingZone congratulates Megan McChrstal for her first professional victory, the Florida's Natural Charity Classic on the LPGA Symetra / Future's Tour.

McChrystal of Stuart FL graduated from LSU in 2011 where she was the number-1 ranked player in NCAA Division 1 golf, with five career wins, and the lowest career stroke average in LSU history by 2 strokes lower than the next best, and where in her Senior season she notched seven top-5s in 10 starts, including two wins and two runner-up finishes. Since graduation, McChrsytal has been designated as the first recipient of support funding from the PuttingZone's innovative program "Support a Young Professional", which provides interim funding to help a promising professional afford event entry fees, travel, and incidental expenses while pursuing a pro career in golf.

With this victory, McChrsytal secured status on the Symetra Tour for the balance of the year and earned first-prize money of just over $18,000. Now McChrsytal is gunning for full status on the LPGA, which may be attained either by a top finish on the Symetra Tour money list or by success thru the LPGA Qualifying stages. McChrystal said: "This win changes my year a little bit: it means I get into all the events now," said McChrystal. "It just makes me feel a little better to move my status up. It is definitely a huge relief to
not have to worry about that."

Geoff Mangum, founder of the PuttingZone community and creator of the "Support a Young Pro" program, said: "Megan McChrystal is my favorite golfer! She has been serious about her game since age 12, if not before, and she has the proven chops from her stellar college career to make it in the professional ranks. My word for Megan is "dedicated." This early win for Megan is the first of many. She is likely to end up being one of the best female golfers in history, and I'm glad to be a small part of helping her along the way."

About Megan McChrystal
Megan McChrystal plays out of her home in Stuart FL, where she occasionally teaches at Pine lakes Golf Club. A recent graduate of LSU, she attained the ranking of #1 golfer in NCAA Division I, won five times, ste the LSU record for career lowest stroke average, and set the lowest score record in the NCAA Championship. In her Senior year, she compiled seven top-5s in ten starts, including two wins and two runner-up finishes. Her website,, provides further information about her playing and teaching career.

About the "Support a Young Pro" program
The "Support a Young Pro" (SYP) program selects a recent graduate from college golf who is pursuing a professional career and who has a demonstrated potential for success in pro golf and who also has a need for financial support in the early events on Tour to transition into generating self-support by event earnings. To nominate potential recipients of support or to learn how to participate in this program, visit Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone, 518 Woodlawn Avenue, Greensboro NC 27401, email Geoff Mangum at, or call him directly at (336) 340-9079.

About Geoff Mangum and the PuttingZone
Geoff Mangum is widely regarded as the most knowledgeable putting coach in the world and has spent over twenty years studying and coaching putting to amateurs and professionals on all tours. The PuttingZone community includes 23 international Acadamies and 109 certified coaches in 20 Countries worldwide. Mangum combines the best putting lore with modern neuroscience for human perception and movement in putting's four skills as an integrated system -- reading, aiming, stroking, and controlling distance. The result is a permanent and dramatic increase in putting competence and the added confidence that comes with real skill. His book Optimal Putting: Brain Science, Instincts, and the Four Skills of Putting has been called "the best putting instruction book in the history of golf". His teaching video with PGA Tour winner Steve Elkington, The Reality of Puttting, showcases Mangum's innovative approach to putting. For more information, visit Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone, 518 Woodlawn Avenue, Greensboro NC 27401, email him at, or call him directly at (336) 340-9079.

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