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Friday, June 22, 2012
AT&T Stores to Offer Swingbyte Wireless Golf Swing Analyzer
Select locations nationwide give golfers first retail opportunity to purchase swing aid
CHICAGO, Ill. (June 21, 2012) - Swingbyte, which has received widespread acclaim from media and golf professionals since its launch to the trade earlier this year, will be available at select AT&T company-owned retail stores and authorized dealer locations, as well as online at, beginning June 24. AT&T will be the first retailer to offer Swingbyte. As consumers come to depend on their smartphones more, AT&T is leading the charge on enhancing the customer experience by combining the full potential of a device accessory and complementary app to bring mobile devices to life in a new way.

Swingbyte, which is about the size of most key fobs and weighs less than an ounce, attaches to the shaft of any golf club below the grip. As the club makes contact with the ball, a lightweight sensor immediately transmits a digitized version of the swing (via Bluetooth) plus information about the swing, including club head speed, club face angle and loft and lie angles at address. The digitized representation of the swing and swing metrics can be viewed on smartphones and tablets and archived in the cloud for future reference. At the PGA Merchandise Show earlier this year, editors of Golf Digest called Swingbyte one of the tradeshow's "12 coolest items." Swingbyte also was featured on a nationally televised equipment special on NBC Sports.

Swingbyte is enabled by downloading an app from Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Using the information Swingbyte provides, golfers can pinpoint problems in their swing and work on their own or with an instructor to correct them.

"Swingbyte will tell golfers more about their swing in five minutes than many would know after five years of practice," said Brian Payne, a former PGA Professional who is vice president of business development for Chicago-based Swingbyte. "It's the most objective, convenient and affordable way golfers can learn about their swing and improve their game."

Swingbyte is extremely accurate compared to other launch monitors and simulators. Swingbyte also complements the personal instruction teachers provide and adds another dimension to video analysis.

In addition to authorized AT&T retail locations, Swingbyte can be ordered through the company's website, The introductory price of $149 includes the Swingbyte unit and access to premium content and service for one year, a $49 value included at no charge during the introductory period. Premium options include historical data storage, upgraded instruction and the ability to send data to instructors for review.

About Swingbyte
Swingbyte is a patent-pending three-dimensional golf swing analyzer that helps golfers improve their golf swings, whether they are working by themselves or with an instructor. Swingbyte captures key metrics from a golf swing and wirelessly transmits the information and a visual representation of the swing to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology. For more information, please visit, email or call 877-293-2549.
Bill Bryant, Bryant Marketing Communications, 678-366-3232

Brian Payne, Swingbyte, 877-293-2549 (x702)

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