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Tuesday, October 9, 2012
Miller Lite Glove Now Available At Coors/Miller Retail Shop
Easy Glove North America is pleased to announce the creation of a "Miller Light" glove for the Coors Brewing Co. of Golden Co. The design takes full advantage of Easy Glove's proprietary process for printing digital files on up to 90% of the glove surface area. The glove compliments the extremely popular "Coors Light" glove.

"We are both thrilled and honored to design and manufacture this glove for Miller Lite." Said Keith Andrews, VIce President, Sales for EGNA. He added "This is such an iconic brand and it makes for a very striking glove. It is a great compliment to our product to be trusted by a company like Coors Brewing Co. If you are a Miller Lite fan it is a must have.

Customers are able to purchase the glove through the Coors retail location in Golden CO. Inquiries for the purchase of the glove should be directed to the store at (303) 277-5092.

About Easy Glove North America
Easy Glove North America designs, manufactures, and distributes customized golf gloves in the USA and Canada. Our proprietary process can take any digital file such as graphics, text, even photographs and apply it on up to 90% of the glove's surface. This creates a glove with vivid visual appeal that is far superior to silk screening and sure to get noticed when worn on the course.

The Company markets to individual companies, organizations, and groups who are looking for a unique tool to extend their brand to the golf demographic. Easy Glove has worked with some of world's best known brands and charitable organizations to create a memorable branding item.

The Company also creates unique its own unique designs in limited quantities that are sold through the web site and a wide network of affiliate online retailers. The affiliate program gives any web site operator the opportunity to generate revenue from the sale of the Easy Glove collection without the burden of inventory or shipping and handling logistics.
Keith Andrews
Vice President Sales

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