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Thursday, November 15, 2012
GolfSwitch Unveils Version 3.0 Of Its Reservation System Direct Access
November 15, 2012 (Phoenix, Ariz.) GolfSwitch the Industry leader in online tee time technology unveils version 3.0 of their successful travel tool, Direct Access.

The upgraded web application allows travel companies, tour operators, hotels, call centers and any other golf course partners to book live tee times on either their own contracted courses or on all courses connected to the GolfSwitch Network. Version 3.0 of the system will allow companies to expand reach and service to their customers. Operators will have the ability to load their own agreements and book tee times based on their negotiated guidelines with the course. Another option would be for companies within the hospitality industry that do not have relationships with golf facilities to use GolfSwitch courses. Direct Access is ideally suited for tour operators who want to have live and real time access to close to 3,000 courses worldwide.

New features of Direct Access Version 3.0 range from expanded search options, multiple destinations, shopping cart technology and most importantly one dashboard to manage everything from. Operators can now view tee times for multiple golf facilities on different days in a number of locations. For example if a customer called in looking for tee times in Arizona, the tour operator can now search Phoenix, Sedona, Flagstaff, or Tucson; thus giving that player options of courses in a number of great locations. The reservation system expands into more detail with the ability to sort by different search criteria's such as time, course, and price. Golf course partners will be able to see what the current retail rate is for the tee time selected and compare that with their rate and adjust pricing towards their customers. Comparing tee times and courses side by side offers players variety! An immediate confirmation within the club's tee sheet, white label confirmations for the client and instant price information showing the margins obtained are all part of the package. Completing the loop is the interface capability behind the scenes; the new system is constantly updating to offer the latest available inventory, providing fast and efficient customer service.

Direct Access 3.0 also contains favorite features of previous versions with enhanced abilities. In the past operators could look up prior bookings and keep customer information for repeat players. Now you will have the same functionality but be able to see past bookings and make notes on customers. This helps for the internal process and for excellent customer service. Another previous feature is the transferring of notes the golf course tee sheet. Operators will still have the capability of communicating a note that "player needs rental clubs" or "VIP client" to the course, making it a pleasurable experience for the booker and easy on the course.

Doug Reichel, President, GolfSwitch Inc., "GolfSwitch continues to enhance our existing product set and we are excited to see Version 3.0 reach the market. Many of the enhancements have come directly from our customers and include ease of use, updated look and feel, and more functionality. With the world becoming more technology driven we believe there are ways to incorporate the old with the new. It is about allowing the hospitality world to gain efficiency with technology while still offering personal customers service".

For more information on the mobile application and other course centric tools please contact GolfSwitch at 480.429.7280 or at, to be connected with your regional representative.
Hannah Mall
Regional Marketing Specialist

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