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Thursday, January 3, 2013
Black Magic Wedge Makes Golf Wedges For Every Occasion
No matter how many rounds of golf you have played-no matter how many times you have played a particular course or a specific hole-you can rest assured that no two games of golf are ever quite the same. This is a big part of the appeal: Golfers know that they can spend ample time working on the fundamentals of the game, but the very nature of golf is that each round is a little different, due to such disparate conditions as the weather or the golfer's own disposition. As such, it is crucial for golfers to arrive at each hole prepared for anything and for everything-which is why Blade Runner Golf, Inc. takes pride in offering golf wedges for any particular occasion.

In particular, Blade Runner Golf, Inc. is a company known for providing new technology in golf wedges for players seeking to better their short game. Blade Runner Golf, Inc. is a company utterly devoted to the short game, and to the idea that it is in the final approach that holes are won or lost. As such, Blade Runner Golf, Inc. is proud to offer new hybrid wedges that include a 37° chipper wedge and a 48° pitching wedge. The company also offers a Black Magic 52° gap wedge, as well as a 56° sand wedge, and a 60° lob wedge. Along with a Spot-On-Putter with an alignment system assuring more one putts.

The zeal with the Black Magic Wedges is to provide the best in golf wedges for all circumstances. Each Black Magic Wedge comes with a booklet of tips along with having many short videos on their website all geared toward short game mastery.

Blade Runner Golf, Inc. is a company passionate about the short game but above all it is a company zealous to make quality products. Each of the clubs offered by Blade Runner Golf, Inc. is made with a stainless steel head and a powder coated steel shaft; these clubs are available in variable lengths and grip sizes, to meet the physical needs of the golfer. Moreover, Black Magic Wedge designs its products with perfection in mind: Each hybrid wedge has a "No Hosel" design, to eliminate a shank shot, and an extra-wide sole to prevent the club head from dragging in the turf.

Ultimately, Blade Runner Golf, Inc. is committed to making each of its products that will give golfers the confidence to shoot lower scores by having a great short game. For more information on the Black Magic Wedge product line, visit the company's website at

Blade Runner Golf, Inc. is a company that is very serious about the notion that a golfer's short game can make all the difference in his or her final score-and that players can take their short game to the next level if they only have the right club from which to choose. Black Magic's hybrid wedges Conforms to USGA rules, but also helps golf enthusiasts find new precision and power as they make their way onto the putting green. Black Magic Wedge can be reached on the web at:
Black Magic Wedge
2519 McMullen Booth Rd
Suite 510-129
Clearwater, FL 33761
Phone 727-726-5737
Toll Free 877-799-6099


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