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Wednesday, July 3, 2013
PowerBilt Promotes Power Golf By Endorsing A Martial Arts Fighter And Partnering With California Fitness Firm
PALM DESERT, Calif. - It takes more than great golf clubs to get the most out of your equipment. It also takes strength, fitness, flexibility and balance. PowerBilt, the only club maker to feature advanced Nitrogen Charged Technology, has come up with a unique way to promote power golf, which is utilizing the combination of cutting-edge golf-club technology with the power of the human body as a way to maximize performance on the golf course.

PowerBilt is partnering with an innovative fitness and physical therapy firm in California plus endorsing a mixed martial arts fighter who's on the main card for this weekend's huge Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in Las Vegas, a pay-per-view event.

Sounds like an unusual marketing ploy for a golf company, right?

"We're a fighter brand," says PowerBilt President Ross Kvinge, "so we're taking a different tack by promoting a fighter and fitness."

The fighter is Cub Swanson, a mixed martial artist who's one of the top-ranked fighters in the UFC featherweight division. Swanson will strut into the ring Saturday night carrying a PowerBilt banner, wearing a PowerBilt cap and sporting the PowerBilt logo on the butt of his trunks.

What does this do for a golf company? "It's huge exposure," says Kvinge. "At the same time, we know people won't buy clubs because a fighter endorses PowerBilt. There's more to it. Cub is a great fighter. But he's also proven that being focused on increasing your power through strength and balance puts you at the top of your game."

Swanson says, "Everything that I have been doing in training has involved balance with explosive stuff in between." That kind of sounds like a golf swing. "I'm trying to be a perfect fighter that night, but that's hard to achieve. But that's my goal." Golf is also about trying to find, but never attaining perfection. Those who work the hardest and smartest achieve the most, just like Swanson.

"Every big-name golf-club maker touts a new driver that gives you 10 more yards," states Kvinge. "But unless you're fit, you don't get the most out of the technology. At PowerBilt, we have unique and game-changing equipment with our Air Force One clubs that feature Nitrogen Charged Technology. We're trying to get the message out that when you get hi-tech clubs and maximize your physical fitness along with learning appropriate balance, that's when your game kicks ass. That's what power golf is all about."

Kvinge acknowledges that endorsing a top-tier fighter in a big pay-per-view event creates awareness, but doesn't give golfers enough information to improve their game. This is why PowerBilt is partnering with Palm Desert Physical Therapy and Golf Fitness, a California firm that has been at the forefront of teaching advanced physical techniques for golfers, including the use of 3D imaging to show optimal balance when swinging a club.

Palm Desert Physical Therapy and Golf Fitness works with golfers on the four components of a great swing - timing, tempo, rhythm and balance with the emphasis on rhythm and balance. Only through proper balance can a golfer sequence the right muscles in order to load and explode. In this way, what a great golfer does is akin to what Cub Swanson achieves in the ring. Great balance. Near-perfect timing. Powerful hits. Finesse when needed.

"In an ideal world, we'd get every high-achieving golfer into Palm Desert Physical Therapy and Golf Fitness, but that's not our goal," says Kvinge. "We want golfers to use the fitness experts in their communities as a way to work on a better game. PowerBilt makes a great club. And we want golfers to get the most out of our technology by working on their own fitness and balance. We want them to play power golf with PowerBilt."

Plus One Sports, Inc. is the U.S. licensee of the PowerBilt brand. PowerBilt is a division of the Hillerich & Bradsby Co., a family owned-company which has been making golf clubs since 1916. Based in Louisville, Ky., H&B is also the maker of world-famous Louisville Slugger bats and Bionic gloves.
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